Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom T-shirts

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom T-shirts

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Custom T-shirts are a great investment for any business. They are a low cost way to get your name out there and a major asset to your marketing strategy. There are many cheap tshirt printing companies online such as Vistaprint and In addition they can also positively impact your employees. In fact, there are 5 great reasons that custom T-shirts should be an investment for your business.


Branding is much more than a buzzword. It is the building of recognition of your company name, logo, products, services and slogans. The more often that information is in front of clients and potential clients, the more successful you will be.

Product Launches

Product launches can get a boost from custom T-shirts created just for the event. Even if your staff typically wears a printed shirt, custom ones for your launch will build excitement and interest.

Promotional Giveaways

There are many different promotional items that you can choose from for giveaways. However, one of the few that has the best life expectancy is a T-shirt. Chances are recipients will hold onto and use the T-shirt you give away, meaning your ad is seen over and over again. Check for more coupons and promo codes for the top online t shirt printers

Team Building

Custom T-shirts are an integral part of team building. Your employees identify more with being a part of your business when they wear custom apparel made for them. A unified team that proudly wears your company name is a plus for any business.

Simplified Dress Code

When you provide custom T-shirts for your employees, the dress code becomes so much simpler. No longer is there a question of appropriateness. They know that wearing a shirt from their place of employ is always a safe option.

Custom T-shirts are an integral part of the marketing plan and the human resources of any company. Such tees help build your business in a variety of ways and keep your employees happy. Start exploring your options in custom T-shirts today.

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How Your Print Business Can Save With GoDaddy Coupons

GoDaddy coupons can make a huge difference when it comes to your print business saving money. Using a well-known, dependable website hosting company like GoDaddy is simply a smart move for any business. You make your company easily found and you cut costs. What makes it even better, is that in addition to offering a great service and customer care, GoDaddy always has great coupons available so you can save big on website expenses for the online presence you need.

Do More With More Websites

Your print business likely already has its own website. However, did you know that by creating multiple websites targeting the different sectors you work with, you can send drive even more customers to your company? Most print businesses cater to a variety of different types of customers. Not everything you offer fits every customer. With GoDaddy coupons you can inexpensively create multiple online presences to target the different needs of each of the types of customers you serve, and pay less for domains, website building, hosting and SSL.

Save on Website Building

Maybe the time has come to update the website you have for your print business, or you simply want to add new websites to direct more sales traffic. Whatever your reason, the easy site builder option or the powerful design tools offered from GoDaddy are perfect for helping you save money on website building. GoDaddy coupons can save you even more on these already low-cost, do-it-yourself website builders.

Take Advantage of GoDaddy Tools

Equipping your print business so that it runs smoothly can be costly. Luckily, resources like GoDaddy exist to allow you to professionally and affordably set up and manage the day-to-day tasks of your print business from anywhere. With the Office 365 options you can get multiple emails with up to 50 GB of storage, online sharing of files, video conferencing, MS Office online and more. GoDaddy coupons let you save on these valuable yet low-cost additions to your print shop, so whether you are just starting out or rapidly expanding, you always leave customers with an impression of professionalism.

GoDaddy gives you more than you would expect from a web hosting company. Even its coupons are impressive, offering you serious savings on services your print business needs. Use a GoDaddy renewal coupon from CustomizeGoogle and build your business a strong online presence so that it delivers the kinds of results you are looking for.

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Green T-Shirts for The Environment

Green T-Shirts for The Environment

Green t-shirts are so much more than just a refreshing change of color to detract from white tees you see everywhere. In fact, green tees can be white, black, red, blue or any color. As you certainly know, green t-shirts are not about a color at all, but instead are about their impact on the earth. A green T-shirt is a way to make a difference in the environment.

When shopping for a green T-shirt, seek out a print company that is eco-friendly. It should be committed to multiple initiatives to help lessen its carbon footprint. You can find such information on a company’s website usually as they are happy to share such things.

Eco Friendly T shirtBamboo T-shirts are another way you can help live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle as you purchase new tees. Bamboo is a completely renewable resource that can be used in textile making. It is less toxic than many other kinds of fibers and releases significantly more oxygen than trees. It is a soft pleasant fabric that users love. Choose an eco-friendly fabric for your next green tee.

Finally, what you do with your T-shirts when you are done with them makes a huge difference in your impact on the environment and whether the shirt is as green as it can be. There is an endless list of ways to upcycle your T-shirts when they are no longer needed. Create a shopping bag, a T-shirt quilt or turn it into a scarf using online directions you can find on Pinterest. Alternatively, donate your gently used tees to a clothes closet or other charity where goods go straight to the needy. A final solution is to give shirts in less than ideal condition to charities like Goodwill that will make them into rags to sell in order to pay for programs.

When your focus on T-shirts is choosing green ones, your carbon foot print is sure to lessen. Contribute to a cleaner planet by shifting your choices to greener ones.

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5 Tips on How to Design the Best Custom Banners

Banners are a great investment for businesses and even for individuals who are planning special events. Different sized banners can be created to fit all kinds of space inside or outside to capture the attention of your intended audience. The option to create a vertical or horizontal banner also adds to the interest factor of your banner. Some sage advice can help you create the most effective banners possible. Follow these 5 tips on how to design the best custom banners!
• Choose only excellent quality graphics that will print clearly and be easily seen at a distance. A less than vivid image will make a banner easy to ignore.
• Choose a font style and size that is easily legible from afar. Your audience should not have to figure out what you want to tell them.
• Limit the amount of information on a banner. Too much text will clutter your banner, making it unappealing and unreadable. It should have very little, but very important, information only.
• Think outside the box when it comes to banners. Unusual graphics, interesting photographs and vivid colors all add to the custom banner you are creating, so that it captures more of the attention you are seeking.
• Use white space. It might actually be blue space, green space or another color, but space that is blank is powerful to your design. It helps to ensure your banner is easily readable, uncluttered and draws the eye to different aspects of the design.
Banners can be an integral part of event décor, your set-up for a trade show, conference or portable kiosk, or even temporary signage for your business. Whether you are using banners for a social or business purpose, the right design and content will make all the difference. Use these nuggets of wisdom to create a banner that delivers the right message in the best way possible.

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